Kiss your iPhone and Send your virtual kiss to your significant other for Valentine’s Day.

Kiss is a new application from for the iPhone. It allows you to send a virtual kiss to a loved one. Simply kiss the screen, your lip print shows up and select a background from over 20 choices.
Select the recipient of your virtual kiss along with a short message and send it off. The recipient receives an image of your kiss via email.

A nice idea for Valentine’s day or just to let that special someone know you are thinking of them. Kiss for iPhone is available for 99 cents from the app store. Watch the demo video.

Outlook Express Duplicate Remover

Sometimes, when I download emails and the connection drops, the email client Outlook Express starts again to download all the emails from the beginning. It makes me get annoyed by having a lot of duplicated emails. I bet you felt the same when that happened to you. It basically happens because the email client tells the server through POP3 protocol only at the end of download process what emails need to be deleted.

I wrote a simple program that go though all Outlook Express folders, finds duplicated emails and moves them to Deleted Items, Force to Remove or Save as files into selected folder (as per the preferred option).

Here you can download Outlook Express Duplicate Remover

This program is free and does not contain any spyware and adware.

Eurovision song contest predicted by Google

I like Eurovision and I think it’s the most watched song contest in the Europe. Few days ago I got an idea to predict results by googling them.

Eurovision vote rules are simple. Each country can vote for other country in the list except their own. Most voted song get 12 points, second place 10 points, third place 8 points and other songs 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, …

Each country allows own citizens to vote by SMS or Phone or have juries that do this. My idea is to ask Google from each country about each song and count hits.

For example: For Germany we will ask Google to give results by searching Author Song Title with restriction website from Germany during period 1 January till today.

Build results for all songs sort and give them points.

For quick testing of this idea I’ve build a small program that does this easily. You can download Google prediction and change queries.

Here are my results on date 09 April 2006:

  1. DE  “Texas Lightning” “No, no never” = 351
  2. BE  “Kate Ryan” “Je t’adore” = 274
  3. ES  “Las Ketchup” “Bloody Mary” = 241
  4. FI  Lordi “Hard rock hallelujah” = 220
  5. SE  Carola “Evighet” = 174
  6. RU  “Dima Bilan” “Never let you go” = 173
  7. CH  Six4one “If we all give a little” = 161
  8. PL  “Ich Troje” “Follow my Heart” = 93
  9. GR  “Anna Vissi” “Everything” = 64
  10. FR  Virginie Pouchin “Vous c’est nous” = 59
  11. NO  “Christine Guldbrandsen” “Alvedansen” = 53
  12. HR  Severina “Moja štikla” = 49
  13. BG  “Mariana Popova” “Let me cry” = 43
  14. DK  Sidsel Ben Semmane “Twist of Love” = 40
  15. SI  “Anžej Dežan” “Plan B” = 39
  16. LT  “LT United” “We are the winners” = 23
  17. UA  “Tina Karol” “I am your queen” = 20
  18. RO  “Mihai Traistariu” “Tornero” = 12
  19. UK  “Daz Sampson” “Teenage life” = 12
  20. BA  “Hari Mata Hari” = 12
  21. TR  “Sibel Tüzün” “Super Star” = 12
  22. EE  “Sandra Oxenryd” “Through my Window” = 11
  23. LV  Cosmos “I hear your heart” = 4
  24. IE  “Brian Kennedy” “Every song is a cry for love” = 3
  25. PT  “Nonstop” “Coisas de nada” = 3
  26. IL  “Eddie Butler” “Ze hazman” = 0
  27. MT  “Fabrizio Faniello” “I do” = 0
  28. MD  Arsenium “Natalia Gordienko” Loca = 0
  29. AL  “Luiz Ejlli” “Zjarr e ftohte” “Cold fire” = 0
  30. AD  Jennifer “Sense tu” = 0
  31. AM  Andre “Without your Love” = 0
  32. BY  “Polina Smolova” “Mama” = 0
  33. CY  “Annette Artani” “Why angels cry” = 0
  34. MK  “Elena Risteska”"Ninanajna” = 0
  35. IS  “Silvía Nótt” “Til hamingju ísland” = 0
  36. MC  “Sevérine Ferrer” “La Coco-Dance” = 0
  37. AN  “Treble” “Amambanda” = 0

Detailed results you can get from this eurovisionresults.txt file.

How to determine a sex by name

The Tricks of the Trade weblog has a good use for Google Image search: to figure out someone’s sex based on their name.

If you are dealing with an international contacts but don’t know if they are man or woman, try typing their first name into an image search engine like (e.g., Vitalie). Watch out for unisex names.


TorrentRatio allows to easily increase your ratio on BitTorrent trackers like, and others.
It works with any BitTorrent client.

How it works?

Periodically, usually in 20-30 minutes, BitTorrent Client sends request to tracker for asking more peers and report about your downloaded and uploaded statistics. TorrentRatio hooks into windows socks library and watches to match tracker report URL and change &uploaded= and &downloaded= fields.

AND of course it will increase upload and decrease download, :D .

It does it in two ways. First when &uploaded=0 it tries to increase the number of downloads to the max possible number without changing the length of the number.
Example: 12345 can become 99999.

Same done with &uploaded if <>0 and &downloaded=0, it changes to lowest possible number without changing the length of the number.
Example: 12345 -> 10000

Second way it’s when both values are <>0, it cuts numbers from &downloaded and add to &uploaded.
Example: &downloaded=12345&uploaded=12345 -> &downloaded=1234&uploaded=123455

How to use it:

  • Enable TorrentRatio from Program->TorrentRatio shortcut
  • Start your BitTorrent client.
  • Download torrents.
  • To watch logs you can use DebugView for Windows .

Click here to download TorrentRatio
This program does not contain any spyware and adware. However some of dump antiviruses can notify about them. It’s because I used libraries to hook into system annals.

I recommend also other of my program Tracker Pro where you can increase your ratio too but without downloading any torrent.

Want more features or any bug noticed? Fill free to contact me.

Thanks to JohnSoftware for helping me finish this program.

BitTorrent for Google Desktop Search

Torrent files contains lots of metainfo that can be extracted and allowed to search.

So I made a simple BitTorrent Indexer for GDS. It’s a freeware plug-in for Google Desktop Search which parses torrent files and gives info to Google into nice a textual format.

Notes for installation:

  1. Download Google Desktop
  2. Install Google Desktop
  3. Download BitTorrent for Google Desktop Search
  4. Install BitTorrent for GDS
  5. Wait until Google desktop indexes your .torrent files
  6. Enjoy with search.

BitTorrent for GDS does not contain any spyware and adware.

Want more features or any bug? Fill free to contact me

GDS for Outlook Express

GDS for OE is a small plug-in for Google Desktop that helps users search emails directly from Outlook Express and show results back inside Outlook Express.

To be able to install this plug-in you must have administrator rights, because it uses some of hack techniques to inject its code into Outlook Express.

Notes for installation:

  1. Download Google Desktop
  2. Install Google Desktop
  3. Download GDS for Outlook Express
  4. Install GDS for Outlook Express
  5. Open Outlook Express
  6. Enjoy with search.

GDS for OE are now in beta testing.

GDS for Outlook Express does not contain any spyware and adware.

Wikipedia Tracker

Wikipedia Tracker allows easily watching from Google Desktop Sidebar all Wikipedia new articles.
Wikipedia Tracker does not contain any spyware and adware.

Click to download and install
Wikipedia Tracker.

Want more features or any bug? Fill free to contact me